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The Right Bra
by Tim Lajeunesse - April /2013

Imagine you have just bought the most sensational dress you have ever seen. The color complements your skin tone, hair and eyes. The material is sensuous to the touch, this dress was made for you. Your hair is perfect, your make up is flawless, all that is left is the finishing touches after you put on that gorgeous dress. You put on the dress and take a look at what you feel will be the moment of pure joy.

Your bra doesn't complement your look.

When you discover your bra does not complement your suave attractive look. Being a women of ample cleavage the poor fit of your bra shows clearly through the material taking away from that look you where going for. How can you get a better looking bra when your bra size is not carried in many places and the selection of bras are course and uncomplimentary. 

Does this story sound familiar? How many times has your bra stopped you from getting that sizzling number that you saw on sale the other day?

You may think what does a man know about bras? All my life I have been surrounded by women, from the house to school and even work. Through this constant exposure to women there is a similarity to some of the common complaints. Even today with my wife and daughters, these same issues with proper fit, comfort and even style still rears it's ugly head. Just the other day my wife had bought a nice top and was franticly looking for a bra that would go with this piece of clothing.

 I have seen women big and small
have issues with discomfort

Literally no support from that very vital piece of undergarment. A poorly fitted bra can make an expensive piece of clothing look cheaper and less flattering. With a proper fitting bra not only will you feel good, you will also look good and make what your wearing look better.   

Is Your Bra the Right Size?

You will be amazed how this question sometimes catch a woman off guard. Some women get the right cup size but miss out on the chest size and visa versa.

Many think that all women
know if they have the proper bra.

Many people think that since women have been wearing bras for years and years shouldn't they know what fits. Even if you feel fairly comfortable about your bra selection and size, you may still want to check out the questions below.

  • Does your cup completely contain the breast? If you are wearing a balcony or push up bra this question doesn't apply.
  • Do you see any part of the breast spilling over the top or sides of the cup? If you do this means the cup is too small.
  • Do the cups fit smoothly? Puckering or gaps means the cups are too large.
  • Is the fit of the bra snug but not too tight around the torso?
  • Does the back of the bra rides up on your back and doesn't stay down? This could means your band is too large. Try one band size smaller.
  • Does the center of the bra lie flat against your breastbone? If not, the cups may be too small ,try a larger cup size or different style.
  • Do you feel pressure or cutting from the straps? Try to adjust your straps for comfort. Does your bra feel comfortable?  

Parfait –up to a K cup

Remember your body changes.

Remember that your breasts and body go through changes throughout your life, to have the foresight to anticipate or keep aware of your body changes is a key to having the right bra for your lifestyle to ensure you look great and have comfort at the same time. Remember you deserve to feel great and to look good!

 Tim Lajeunesse is a writer and researcher on many topics. Through his years of observation he has found that many women struggle on a regular basis to find the right bra for the right fit.

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